Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Little Joys of a Cold, Wet, Dreary Day

It's a rare day in Santa Fe. It's cold, wet and dreary.  There's a fine rain falling that, in other cities, might dampen the spirit.  Here in New Mexico, this weather is welcome.  There is that sigh of satisfaction seeing the uniform grey of the sky knowing that the grasses and scrub will be a little greener for the moisture.

I live in a well watered apartment complex, with water-sucking ornamental trees and shrubs.  With lilacs, and some grassy patches between the more environmentally-friendly rock ground cover, cleverly arranged by size to make walkable paths and areas that look like rivers in the dry landscape.  Today I look out the window at the rapidly growing Apache Plume (a plant that's less water-sucking, indigenous, tends to stink something awful, and are the only 3 of their kind on the property... and DIRECTLY outside my patio) and I'm not thinking of conservation or history or anything that feels stressful or like work.

Instead I'm thinking "what will I do with my day?"

Today it's damp enough that I don't have to worry to much about my cracking skin.  The rush for the spring art show is over, and it's too early to rush to get things together for the summer show. Oh, I've got work sitting in my studio, waiting... but it can wait one more day.

Right now I've got my dog curled up against my leg as I sprawl out on the couch, taking in the latest news and gossip from my friends, and a hot cup of tea on the table beside me.

Today I'm a little stiff from the damp, but slept well for the first night in weeks last night. Life seems full of possibilities and little pleasures.  Today I'm free to do what I want (within the constraints of my budget and my physical ability, of course) and one of the things I'm free to do is NOT choose what to do with my day right at this very minute.

Maybe I'll make the choice to not choose at all, but just float through the day contentedly.  The thought crosses my mind just at the same time my dog looked up and let out a big sigh before putting her head back down, and I find myself a little envious of her peaceful way of drifting through the day, and of her ability to simply ask for (or demand) the things she needs or wants (walkies?).   I think, perhaps, there is a lesson to be learned there, but I'm not going to spend a lot of time contemplating that today.

Instead I'll just kick back and enjoy the relaxation of a day when I don't HAVE to do anything.  A day wet enough that my skin feels comfortable... a day when I can see green outside my window instead of a sage-grey... and a day when I can just curl up, sigh, and go back to sleep if I want to.  

Friday, April 24, 2015

Juried In!

I've been stressing this week about the big summer show at the Visual Arts Gallery. Last year I had two pieces juried in, one of which won the Arts Foundation Award.

 I felt a pretty strong drive to repeat that success this year. I've entered in three categories this year, and found out that (a) there are many LESS pieces being accepted this year and (b) for the category I've head back on so far, I do have a piece that's been juried in!

 This piece, Primary Triptych will be hanging in the gallery over the summer:

I'm thrilled that it was selected... and while some of the other artists thought that my other pieces were the obvious choice, I had a feeling that it was going to be this one.

Now I'm waiting to hear back in the other categories.  One of the pieces submitted is my painting Emergence, which was juried into the Holiday Show at the Red Dot over the winter.   But just because it was selected for a show by one jury doesn't guarantee that another jury will select it as well.

Lastly, I also have a couple drawings competing, but I have to admit, I hold out very little hope of their being selected. 

Video du Jour: 90s Disney by Todrick Hall

Every now and then I come across a video so amazing, I make it a video du jour.  I may have to make this the video of the year.  I don't think I've had more fun watching a video in a LONG time!