Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why or Why Not Ruby?

This is Ruby, who is currently available for adoption at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter.

I've been looking at her and thinking of her for almost a week now, and am planning to go see her again today.

Generally, chihuahua are not my favorite dogs as a breed, but recently I've met quite a few that have been adorable pets.  Ruby is, according to all accounts, a more stereotypical chihuahua, that is to say, she's scared, yappy and snappish.

I saw none of those things in her.

She had been in behavior mod at the shelter when I went to see her.  The staff warned me she had problematic behaviors, and had recently misbehaved with a trainer.  I almost backed out, but decided to go see her anyway.  Far from being defensive, she came over and sniffed me, then tried to crawl into my lap.  I picked her up and obliged her as she leaned into me to be petted.  She stayed on my lap until Cinnamon came up to meet her.

She and Cinnamon got along well.  Cinnamon is a very social dog, and I expect she'd be a lot happier with another dog in our "pack".  I expect that the shelter is very overwhelming for Ruby, who I'd name Sugar if I brought her home, and that she'd do much better in a home setting with less chaos. And I suppose a lot of her problem is that she's new to being a tripod, and her surgery has just healed enough for her to be adopted.

So it seems a no-brainer, right?  Just take the little 6 lb tripod home. She needs me, I adore her. Cinnamon adores her.

Yesterday during cribbage a friend asked whether I'd brought her home yet.  I told her no, because if I got her, I'd have to stay here in my current apartment in Santa Fe.  My other friend said "Well, go get the dog, then."

So Ruby has become, for me, irrevocably wrapped up in the idea of moving.

It'd be hard to find a new apartment with two dogs and a cat.

And frankly, I'm more and more trying to find ways to NOT move.  The biggest problem is, no matter how much I scan the medicare.gov website, I can't find an insurance option that works for me.  I've put off seeing the doctor, now live with fairly constant pain, and have grave concerns over some of the medicines I've been taking and their side effects, to the point where I've discontinued one and am taking the other PRN.  In California I can go to the doctor when needed.  Here I have to save up for a hefty copay, or wait until I'm in the ER.

There's one more issue: the time I'm away. Having a studio at the school and taking four upper division classes, I'm spending a lot of time at the college working.  That's good, because I am getting stuff done, stuff that can be sold and fund my way to California.  That's bad, because a neighbor is walking Cinnamon for me a couple times a week, which isn't bad in itself, but makes me feel guilty for not being home with my dog.

Yes, I know, plenty of people work 8 hours a day and have dogs.  That doesn't help with the guilt, which is, I suppose irrational.

So what's my next step?  Well, I'll be scanning GoSection8.com for apartments in Long Beach again.  I suppose since I already have two animals, a third won't make that much of a difference, especially since she's so tiny.  And today I'm going to visit my little Sugar... I mean RUBY... again at the shelter.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Gypsy Fest

So it appears that I posted photos from the trip to Madrid a little bit ago, but never got up the photos from Gypsy fest itself, which seems kinda crazy to me, since Gypsy Fest is the reason we went to Madrid in the first place.

Anyway, here are some of the photos:

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie

that's amore!

Got a great photo today.


A pair of grasshoppers mating in the moonlight:

Oh, and that moon thing was going on, too.

(yes, I DO have photos of the super moon lunar eclipse.)

Now for a while some of my friends were worried we wouldn't be able to see the moon, because of all the smoke in the air:

No, the trailer park isn't on fire.

The mountains are.

But it was a controlled burn to reduce fuel for possible wildfires. I'd noticed it earlier this morning (but the smoke was very white at that point) when I went in to school.