Sunday, March 22, 2015

Farewell, Mac :(

I find myself clinging to the past because goodbyes are hard

and expensive.

I finally got Adobe Flash Player to update on my old mac... but it still crashes every few minutes.

I had to give up on Adobe Photoshop and Elements.  Once my computer updated itself to OS X, my old elements would no longer run.  And there's not enough memory for the new Elements, nor enough to run Creative Cloud.

None of my programs work quite right anymore, and I'm increasingly getting times when my display is totally scrambled, something I started seeing last fall, but knew I had to hold out as long as possible before getting a new computer.

At this point I'm torn.  I'm using my computer a LOT to produce (in part) some of the art I'm putting up for sale.  Most of the photoshop work is done at the college, but I do use pixlr for some of the simpler stuff.   I do get my email at home, blog here, and yes, I do play Farmville II (when I can, the crashing is horrendous during gaming) and since I got rid of cable, most of my TV watching is done on my computer.

And now I'm torn, because I know that it's unlikely that I'll be able to afford a new Mac any time soon, since I just put off seeing my endocrinologist and my gastroenterologist so I could be SEEING (ie, I scheduled my eye exam and will be getting new lenses)  

I'm considering a desk top, since I have been doing so much photo editing, and because I just don't travel like I did when I was a zoo docent doing the Zoo to You runs.  I also think it'd be better watching TV on a screen that size, and I may sell my current flatscreen (which I haven't turned on in over 3 weeks now, not even to watch a dvd!)   Knowing I don't have that kind of money right now, I've been considering getting a tablet to hold me over until I can afford a TV, and that would give me the added benefit of having a screen to get my mail, blog from, and keep in touch with in the event I DO travel, or when I'm at school, as well as providing me with a pocket book sized e-reader.

Of course, that's not a long term solution, since I won't be doing photoshop on a tablet.

So for right now the plan is this:  Keep my fingers crossed this computer stays operational at least until my birthday, where I can use my "birthday money" to partially fund a tablet.

There is one other alternative, one I hesitate to even think about:  I can go back to a PC from a Mac.  They're considerably cheaper.  The thing is, no PC has EVER lasted as long as my Macs have, and if I'm hoping to hold on to whatever I buy this time as long as I've held on to this one: until the programs and technology no longer work together, until it's so darn outdated that it's dysfunctional, rather than having a hardware failure in the first 3 years as the PCs I've owned did.

What is "good" art?

I've asked this question many times, and never gotten a good answer.  My art professors would not agree with me that it's MARKETING that makes an artist great, and not merely stirring the hearts and minds of the viewer.

While I understand that utilizing the elements and principles of design make a piece of art (or furniture, or home) pleasing, what makes one person an artist and another a mere wanna be?

In the past, I've read articles about the "suddenly famous" folk art painter who was "discovered" selling her paintings on the street corners in Florida near where I lived... and later it was also "discovered" that she wasn't doing the paintings... that a very young child was.  And just as suddenly that "primal, raw" art was nothing, and she disappeared from the art scene.

Here's another story... a debunking of the "artist myth" if you will.  One that I hope to share in my studio class, because I've HEARD everything those museum-goers have said, and I've rolled my eyes more than once while people gushed over this or that piece.  Me? I'd rather have an objective conversation about the elements and principles of design, the use of technique in producing the work, than to have some of the discussions from this video:

Saturday, March 21, 2015


One of my FB friends posted an article from Yahoo News about a photo of an endangered pika in China.  The Lli Pika had not been photographed in 20 years.

It got me wondering if those pika make the same cute sound the pika do in this hemisphere.

Wait for it...
It starts at about 30 seconds in this video: