Saturday, May 23, 2015

Photo du Jour: Blooming Desert

I swear my biggest temptation this weekend so far hasn't been the wool (either churro or alpaca) and it hasn't been chocolate (my favorite vice), it's been these little cactus which are blooming seemingly every where I go.  This one is about the size of a grapefruit, another I saw about the size of my fist, and I've had to really struggle NOT to dig one up and bring it home and put it in a pot.

I just think they're beautiful,  and I know the cat won't eat it, so it's safe indoors.

No, I haven't. 

La Cieneguilla Petroglyph Site

After the dog park, Karen and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather to go over to the petroglyph site a couple miles down the road from where we live.  I'd heard that it was an "undeveloped site" and that it was "rugged", but that's a huge understatement.  It starts out well enough, a smooth, well marked path to the base of the escarpment, and from there, well, let's say it's LESS than smooth.

After scrambling over volcanic rock, we made it up to where the petroglyphs are near the top of the escarpment.  I was amazed at the amount and density of the petroglyphs, even more than those at the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, which I've previously blogged about.

I was also disappointed when one of the problems with my camera: a clouded lens, became problematic with some of the photos, but none the less, the beauty of the site really shows, despite the flare in some of the photos.

first petroglyphs at the top of the rise...

and it looked like there might be a FEW more beyond this rock...

but there were MORE than a few more... the rocks were covered. 

doh! bad spot on my camera lens becomes evident...

and again here :(  ... THIS is why I have a new camera in my Amazon Wish List. 

in this stretch of the escarpment, it seemed every rock had been etched

and of course I had to take some photos of this moss, that was almost cactus-like in appearance

and some lichen close-ups...
Having scrambled up the side of the escarpment over the volcanic rocks, I knew that getting back down would be no picnic, and it wasn't.  Karen joked that we had to be part mountain goat.   I don't plan to go back because of the accessibility issue... Even with hiking boots and a walking stick it'd be quite the challenge... but I'm certainly glad I went. 

A taste of Cinnamon

The last couple days I've been spending a lot of time at the dog park with my dog, as well as hanging around with her at home on the rainy days during the week.  I always feel bad when I'm spending a lot of time at school, so these weeks between semesters is all about quality pet time with both my animals... although Sophie does prefer to simply sleep on my pillow or my jacket while I'm home.

Cinnamon takes advantage of the shade from a large bush at the dog park on Friday.
Usually we do three miles, but recently she's pretty tuckered out after two. 

Pulled her bed OVER herself and went to sleep after two miles at the dog park today,
which nixed any thoughts I had of taking her hiking on the La Bajada escarpment.