Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Morning Update

  • The landlord just updated the listing I went to see Saturday.  They now have a minimum income requiement.  That's kinda discouraging, but I'm not sure they'll get an applicant with that income on Section 8.
  • This morning Cinnamon want up to one of the other residents and started poking his leg with her nose, which is how she's supposed to alert.  I thought he was probably just lost in thought but when I spoke to him he seemed a little out of it.  Turns out he'd not taken his morning meds and was having a medical issue.  I'd never seen her alert someone else before.
  • Compton called back: they're accepting ports in.  Now I have to here what Long Beach has to say.
  • Medical kicks in this week... have my doctor scheduled for mid-July,  then I'll get my endocrinologist and gastroenterologist scheduled.
  • Thinking of spending the day in LA for my birthday Friday.  I did that back last time I was here.  The museum system here has free admissions with the Golden State Advantage card, which makes the $16/ month I get in food stamps even more worthwhile.  That'll also be a good time to check out some of the housing (and wait lists) in the city.
  • I'd originally planned to spend the day painting or going to the dog park until any new listings came in, but this is the dry part of the month it seems.  Might be a better time to get my car into the garage and see what I need to have repaired in order to register it.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Desperate times call for:


Things haven't gone as planned.

I saw an apartment I love in, of all places, Compton.  It'll probably take monthes, maybe a year,  before I can get in.  IF I can get in...that'll depend on whether Compton will accept a port in, and whether Long Beach will port me out before I've completed a year here.

Or I could do a year here then port out if Compton will take me (and The Metro @Compton has an opening.

Today I saw one of those tiny courtyard apartments in a pretty decent looking neighborhood.  I could live there for a year.  If they take me, it'll still take Section 8 up to 4 weeks to inspect and approve the apartment.

I constantly check the listings for anything safe.  I'm pretty hope full for this little place.  No, it's not as nice as The Metro@Compton,  which actually gives Casa Villeta a run for the money,  but there's a little yard space and it's pretty well maintained... and on a cul de sac.

Wish me luck.

At this point I'm short on the security deposit, have no funds for furniture, and have ended up donating the few things I did have to Goodwill so I wouldn't have to pay another monthly storage fee.  I've also canceled Netflix and suspended my Adobe account to save money.  But I've also had additional expenses related to living in the shelter, including shelter for Cinnamon, who has to live out on the "patio"...the old driveway / loading zone for what was an industrial warehouse, and is now the shelter.  I had to get her a crate, and because of the lack of shade, also got a coverage and crate pad...and when it started hitting 100 degrees, got a cooling pad as well.

I really hate having to put up another gofundme,  but I'm really at my wit's end at this point, and while I may be able to get some help with a move inside Long Beach, ifThe Metro opens up I'll have no assistance at all for the move, and a HUGE security deposit.

And I have no clue yet what the car repairs will be, only that the simplest repair will run around $200... and that regardless of what else might be wrong, I simply can't afford a new car.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Things are not good.

I have to call up north.  I may be closer on the wait list for the apartment I applied to in Petaluma than I am to getting anything here.  Did find a nice place in Compton (of all places!) and am on the wait list there... Which is about a year.

Almost ended up taking an ambulance ride a couple nights ago.  Have decided after that to NOT eat food on my do not eat list just because I'm hungry... Which means no breakfast and more often tan not, no dinner... And since lunch isn't served... Well, at least i can look forward to losing a lot of weight.

There are a dozen times a day I think about packing the car up and driving back to Santa Fe where I had a pretty good life.  Then I remember the reasons why I'm here.