Sunday, June 28, 2015

Random Thoughts.

  • Yes, I deleted yesterday's post. I don't know what I'm going to do yet, but it'll probably involve sinking more money into the car. The car started up today, which makes it even more likely that it's the starter going... which means I could be looking at another month or so of an unreliable vehicle before I can prove it's the starter and get the new one under warrantee. I'm not happy.

  • Bingo in the apartment clubhouse today. We have prizes from the dollar store, but ended up going home with a couple things on my shopping list, including small bowls for the honey butter for when I bake at the ranch, ice cube trays, and some neat little snack boxes I can put small candies and nuts in to carry during the day.

  • So the Arts and Crafts festival was pretty good. Learned a few things about some of the processes I use in the mediums I art in. I didn't spend as much time there as I thought I would, though, so I'm extra glad I only paid $3 for the tickets.

  • I had all these marvelous plans to get some work done today. I have several projects sitting out that I plan to complete over the next two weeks. The cat is sleeping on my embroidery, so maybe I'll wait on that. The rain stopped me from working on my pottery (outside, since I don't need the clay on the rug) and while I took out and sorted my art, and had this great idea for one of my pieces that had an area that has been bugging me, I just stacked everything against the wall for now rather than actually cropping and remounting the piece.

  • I did, however, get a couple naps in. I had some really weird dreams last night that I've only half remembered. That's to say, I remember how the dreams FELT but don't recall the actual content. Whatever it was, I woke exhausted. Obviously I still look exhausted, because the dog woke me from a nap, I stumbled out the door with her, and was told by a neighbor that I looked like hell. (thanks)

  • Right now, despite all that, things are pretty much OK. Got food, a half tank of gas, and I've got a small check coming for some one-off work I did. Nothing major, but it'll come in handy with the car related budget hit this month.

  • I've been thinking a lot about the way the nation is going, and although there's a lot of fear and a lot of right wing bluster, this week has shown me that the nation CAN move in the right direction. At least part of it can. The fact that the other part of the nation insists on ignoring federal law and moving in another direction makes me wonder if we're on the verge of another civil war.
  • Wednesday, June 17, 2015

    Random Thoughts

  • There has been a rainbow (and rainstorm) every night for the past several days.

  • None the less, the sprinklers have been running, flooding over the lawn and the walkway at the apartments where I live.

  • I'm really struggling with the whole Petaluma thing. I'm beginning to realize a few things: (1) I don't really KNOW Petaluma, and it certainly seems to have it's share of problems-- it's no perfect paradise. (2) Renting there is going to be difficult. Really REALLY difficult, and it looks like until I hit 62, the only apartments I qualify for are on the wrong side of town, and situated next door to the auto body repair shop, the boat repair shop, or on a major road between the two. (3) It's going to be darn hard saving up for hte move.

  • As far as that last goes, it got a little harder today, when I ended up going out and buying each of the girls outfits to go to job interviews in. I'm watching my Petaluma Savings Fund dwindle bit by bit.

  • If you already follow me on FB, you know that the reason I even have a Petaluma Savings Fund is because I recently sold a painting.

  • Got my scholarship notification for the next school year. Got another Foundation Scholarship, which will be very helpful. Now I have to look at my class schedule and see if it can use some tweaking in order to keep my tuition payments manageable.


  • and yes, I'm to the point where I'd usually say "Puffins!" or "Nudibranch!" and post a relevant video, but instead I'll leave you with THIS LINK to #JurassicZoo, where zoo keepers are posting reenactments of a photo from Jurassic World using animals that are definitely NOT velociraptors.